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NEKONEKO SHOKUPAN (ねこねこ食パン) – Kawaii!


If you are a cat lover, try this: NEKONEKO SHOKUPAN (ねこねこ食パン).

  • “NEKO” means a cat, and
  • “SHOKUPAN” means a bread.


Yes, NEKONEKO SHOKUPAN is a cat-shaped bread.


Sooooo cute❤️ 


Nuts and chocolate chips are inside, so it’s not just cute, but also very delicious❗️



It becomes more delicious if you toast the bread✨


You can draw cat’s face by a chocolate pencil like this.



You can get a chocolate pencil if you buy the Nekoneko Shokupan.


It is ¥1,300 (about US$12) at Seibu-Ikebukuro department store.



Recently breads are very popular in Japan.

Some are expensive but everyone pays for it.

This NEKONEKO SHOKUPAN is eye-catching and unique, and it tastes great because it uses high-qualified ingredients.

There are several flavors, so I would like to try all of them😜

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