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2019 Sakura Starbucks in Japan


It is getting warmer every day.

It feels like spring is coming close.

Speaking of spring, it is sakura season now🌸


So we stopped by Starbucks.

The hand-written board is so cute❣️


Menu boards are pink like this.


Cups are also pink and sakura is on it.


They are so cute💝


Roll Pie Sakuraful Cream (JPY270)

Not too sweet, and the flavor of sakura is gentle.

It was difficult for me to eat only by folk, so you might need knife.


My husband ordered “American Scone Strawberry Cheesecake”. It looks delicious as well!!!

Both of us had “sakura latte”.


SAKURAFUL Tube Cake (JPY380)

There is a sakura petal on the cake🌸

Actually, you can eat it. It was soaked in salt.


There are many more sakura menu this year, so check this out on Starbucks’ website!!

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