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Visit 浜離宮恩賜庭園 (Hama-Rikyu Garden) in Spring


There is a huge garden center in Tokyo, “Hama-Rikyu Garden” (浜離宮恩賜公園).


You should visit there in spring, because you can see a lot of colorful flowers.


Field Mustard (Nano-hana, 菜の花)

The park is surrounded by tall buildings.


I like the contrast of modern buildings and yellow flower carpet.

Also, it smelled very nice.



A bee is working🐝


FYI, but the best season for field mustard is March.


Cherry Blossom (Sakura, 桜)


Pink little flower, cherry blossoms, are also beautiful.


Other flowers


Other than field mustard and cherry blossom, you can see more pretty flowers like these🌺


There is certain proverbs in Japan, “Rice cakes are better than flowers (花より団子)”. It means like “Bread is better than the songs of birds”.


We got tired by walking around in the huge park, and literally we ate rice cake (JPY130 per one) in the middle of pretty flowers.


You can go to the garden on food from Shiodome Station (汐留駅) or Shinbashi Station (新橋駅). It takes about 10 minutes from either station.



After walking around the park, we went to Shiodome (汐留) and had a lunch, pork cutlet (トンカツ) at 遊豚菜彩いちにいさん. You can eat wonderful pork cutlet.


This plate was JPY1,600, very reasonable❗️


Inside of the restaurant is like this. Very cozy.


You will get tired because the garden is very huge. You should bring water if you visit there on a warm day.


  • Admission: JPY300
  • Near Station: Shiodome Station, Shinbashi Station
  • Official Website: Here (English is available)
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